Title: “Crossing the Sea of Colours”
Size: 24.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Pages: 200 (Hardcover)
Author: Agus I Prawira
Publisher: SIENNA Ad. Bandung, Indonesia
ISBN: 979-25-1470-8
First Edition: December 2005
No of copies: 1,000

Crossing the Sea of Colours is the biography of Yan Suryana. It tells the story of his struggle as an artist living on next to nothing, how he was able to overcome all obstacles due to his persistence and his creativity, and how he was finally able to achieve his dream. His story is told in three languages: English, Indonesian and German.

The book is unique in that it is written and narrated by one of his close friends, once a struggling fellow artist himself. Agus Prawira is ideally placed to relate Yan Suryana’s challenges in his struggle to fulfill his ambition to be a painter.

Leading Indonesian scholar and literary figure W.S. Rendra writes, “This book about the life and struggle of Yan Suryana should serve as an example for young people; one that shows how a young man from a low-income background was able to lift himself to success by virtue of his focused devotion to his dreams, through his singular persistence and hard work, through always remaining steadfast and by discarding any laziness; facing the ordeals of poverty with great courage and determination, and always remaining aware of the necessities of life whilst being bent on his objectives! All of this applies to a realistic attitude that need always accompany the pursuit of an ideal.”

This biography of Yan Suryana also carries photographs of his work, both as illustrations and as an album of his paintings. The book is appropriate for the younger generation. It is a book to keep and to read, testimony of dreams fulfilled, or a valuable addition to a private collection. To purchase a copy of the book – with personal dedication and signature by the artist, please send an e-mail to yansuryana@eksadata.com.

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