About Petulu village

Home to white heron birds and the artistic imagination of Yan Suryana.

Petulu Gunung, often shortened to Petulu, is a typical sleepy Balinese village with rows of identical houses along a main street. The sun reflects warmly on the paddy fields, where you will see farmers toiling away with bent backs and lowered heads. Up above flocks of birds sweep and swoop across the sky. Mornings see them darting off commuter-like to hunt for frogs and river creatures; the dusk in contrast is the rush hour when they fly back home to call it a day.
It is this association with birds that has enabled the village to be listed among Bali’s top tourism destinations. Some even know the location by the name Kokokan, a Balinese word for the white heron birds. To some travellers, Petulu recalls the likeness of Komodo Island, where monitor lizards are the native inhabitants, and humans mere visitors.

The herons however are pretty much harmless and tend to avoid human contact. Festooned with white and beige shades of feather, they can be as tall as half a metre. Belonging to the crane species, this avian is bestowed with long legs that enable it to tread the paddy rice effortlessly. More often than not, the flocks assemble in the trees along the Petulu main road.

Courtesy by Chris Andre, Hello Bali Magazine

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